Self-Portrait Exercise

In the slideshow below you will find images taken by LTP workshop participants as part of an exercise in Self-Portraits.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our participating teachers were asked to write first-person stories about themselves in the form of a letter, a memory, or as they see themselves through someone else. They were then split into small groups and asked to share their stories with one another, paying close attention to the words and phrases that stood out as important in each story. After that, each group embarked on an outing in the city, working as a team to connect their stories to different visuals (people, places, movements and things) learning how to turn their words and language into the images you see above.

Look through the images above and find one that speaks to you. If you are one of the LTP teachers working on this exercise, DO NOT choose your own photo.

Once you have chosen an image, scroll down to the right-hand “Pages” column of this blog. Under the heading for “Teaching Tools” you will find a list of all the images in the slideshow, titled loosely by content. Find the image of your choice and click on it to open its page. On the page you will see the image and a “reply” box for comments. In the REPLY box, write a THIRD-PERSON response to the image. Remember to sign your name at the end!

Once everyone has responded to the images, the original first-person story for each photograph will be posted.


Use the original story and all replies to compare and discuss the various points of view and diverse connections that different people can make to different images. This is an easy exercise to do with your classroom and a great way to get students thinking in new ways and from new points of view.

To receive hardcopy materials for this exercise please contact


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