Trapeta Mayson

Trapeta Mayson, poet and lead teaching artist-in-residence at the Art Sanctuary and leader of the Painted Bride Art Center’s “Rock The Pen” monthly poetry workshop for high school students, creates art and poetry that covers many themes: the nuances of being an immigrant living in the United States, being a woman of color, young people living in urban communities who feel silenced, and the impact of mental illness on families. Mayson has been a fellow at Callaloo and Cave Canem and has published in numerous journals including Aura, a University of Alabama Literary Journal; Strong Medicine: American Journal of Poetry; and Cave Canem’s literary review. Mayson received a 2007 Leeway Foundation Transformation Award and was a 2002 Pew Fellow, and 2000 and 2004 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellow.


One thought on “Trapeta Mayson

  1. Im an ex-client of Ms.Trapeta and am trying to get into touch with her…She gave me my dream and im here now …Soooooo close to it. I want to thank her. I was 11 then im 18 now. I remember her introducing me to journaling. I journaled everyday since i left webster elementry for years until poetry was introduced to me. I truly apreciate her. Im now working on my first poetry book and am also working on a novel. Im trying to figure out why im choosing this. Why i love it so much. THNX!
    -Tyrone Jacobs from the STARS* program

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