Julia Katz-Terry / Arts & Spirituality Center

Julia Katz-Terry, is an educator, visual artist, and creator/director of “The Art of Growing Up” program at the Arts & Spirituality Center. The Art of Growing up began as Katz-Terry’s thesis project administered in an after-school program and has become and integral part of the center’s programs, providing multicultural integrated arts curricula to give young people, families and communities the tools to guide, support, and thrive together amidst the challenges of adolescence. Katz-Terry received her MA in Art Education from Tufts University in 2008 and was the recipient of a 2008 “Arts & Change” Grant from the Leeway Foundation.

The Arts & Spirituality Center programs’ curricula combine creative and reflective components. This combination of arts and reflection is what distinguishes their work from other community arts organizations. Working with more than 125 public and private schools, congregations, and organizations and helping over 20,500 people, many from low-income neighborhoods in the greater Philadelphia area, the Arts & Spirituality Center has created lasting solutions for personal achievement and social change in their communities.


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