Ellie Hutchinson / Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture

JoEllen (Ellie) Hutchinson is a poet and educator. She graduated with a degree in English Literature from Arcadia University where she is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Special Education. Hutchinson spent over seven years working with at-risk students in Phoenix, AZ and is the founder and director of a youth writing clinic in Bristol and Feasterville, AZ that works with local schools on creative writing.

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture is dedicated to educating youth in Arabic language, arts, and culture. Al-Bustan offers structured exposure to the language, art, architecture, music, dance, literature, and natural environment of the Arab world. Al-Bustan strives to promote understanding and respect among children and youth of all ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds as well as within the diverse community of Arab-Americans. Within a welcoming educational environment, Al-Bustan supports the Arab-American community’s pursuit and affirmation of its cultural identity within American society, while playing a constructive civic role within broader American society.


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