Responses to reading photographs @ William Cramp

Melanie Pawlowski, an art education student at Moore is completing her student teaching hours in Kim Gavin’s classroom at William Cramp Elementary. She brought me a few samples of student writing from LTP that are included in her collection of student artwork currently on view in the Art of Student Teaching Exhibition at Moore.

Back in January, students went through an exercise that myself along with participating teachers completed during our LTP training with Katie Hyde: investigate a black and white photograph and write and discuss as a group about what you see, i.e. people, signs, objects, buildings, etc. Then, think about what you DON’T see or about what is IMPLIED in the photograph. Ask yourself questions such as: What do you think is happening outside the edge of the frame? Based on what you see, what is the possible time period or setting? What do you think happened just before, or could happen just after the photograph was taken? Write down your answers in the form of a first-person or third-person short story or narrative and then share that story with the group/class.

Ms. Gavin’s class looked at this famous photograph by Dorothea Lange and completed the critical thinking exercise described above:

Below are two examples of student responses to Dorothea’s iconic image: