March 15, 2011 @ Grover Washington

Despite having to cut our time short this week , we had a great class at Grover.

We began by looking at examples of storyboards, a concept that students were familiar with from a previous project, looking specifically at examples of car design, fashion design, and a self portraits. We discussed different elements that can make up a storyboard and why artists would chose to works with these different elements. I shared with the class that I was planning a wedding and  showed them an Alice in Wonderland themed storyboard I used as inspiration. I told them that by using this storyboard not only was I able to narrow down my ideas, but I was also able to remember all the ideas I had while in the moment of working on my project.

Next the students, were given the following assignment: “Self-Portrait: My Dreams”

“Picture yourself 10 years from now and create a self-portrait of you,” Celeste told her class. How do you dream yourself in 10 years?”

Step 1: Write on a piece of paper the answer to this question.

Step 2:  Using your camera, create a self-portrait based on your answer.

You can create this self-portrait in several ways:

  1. A fantasy portrait of yourself where you can use props or customs to create a character or scene.
  2. A portrait without yourself in the picture, instead,  select objects and compose a picture to represent you.

Step 3: CREATE A SKETCH: Write your ideas on how you want to appear in the photos and how you want to compose objects in the photos.  Then, gather the props and materials you want to use in your photos. You can ask a friend or family member to participate in this assignment and help you to take photos of yourself.

Step 4: NUMBER OF PICTURES: For each one (a & b) you can take approximately 5 – 7 pictures for a total of about15 pictures for both series “a” & “b”.


At this point, students asked questions about the assignment and some shared a few ideas. Ms. Rodriguez asked the class to start working on a storyboard for the assignment. She explained how they would use the storyboard while taking their photographs at home. Students began drawing and making lists of things they want to include in their dream photograph. This was a great time for  students to really think about where they want to be in ten year and it was very interesting to talk with them about the paths they would need to take to achieve their dreams.

Below are a few more photographs taken during our field trip a few weeks back to share with you. Make sure to check back to see how the “Dream Self-Portraits” are taking shape…I know I can’t wait to see how they visualize their storyboards!