Reading images and writing with Sandra Andino

This morning in Mrs. General and Ms. Andrews’ class at Grover, Sandra walked the students through an exercise in reading photographs and writing a story. Last week the class was given a homework assignment to bring in one photograph from home. “Choose any photograph you want,” Sandra instructed them, “it can be of yourself, your family, friends or your home. Anything that is important to you and you are interested in.” Some of the students forgot images but Sandra had a few snapshots on hand of her own that she shared with the class. Students who did remember, brought in images of themselves or their siblings and friends taken at special moments such as Christmas and 6th grade graduation.

Below is the photograph that Nadir Carter looked at and wrote about. Nadir wrote: “I think this is a picture of a father giving his son lucky charms and he is telling him what each one stands for. They are in a big field and the Dad said to himself, it’s time you have these son, they have been passed down from generation to generation.”

Here is another example by of the photo Ashley Regalado brought to share with the class and the short story she wrote about it:

Once they finished writing, Sandra instructed them to pass their photograph to the student sitting to their RIGHT. With the new image in front of them, students were asked to write another story or description of what they saw happening in the photograph. Below is the response given to Ashley’s photograph of her and her older sister.

Next week we are going to talk about the similarities and differences in how we see and interpret photographs or situations depicted in images. Then, the best part of the day for the students…CAMERAS! Students will work in groups to learn about the different parts of their new digital cameras and take a few test shots so they can get used to using and properly handling the cameras.