Haiku Lesson @ Esperanza

I finally was able to visit Zafka’s class at Esperanza yesterday and was thrilled to see the photographs and writing her students have been working on! Angel Hogan was also in the class, this time working with students on learning about Haiku.

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that uses THREE lines with alternating syllables or “beats” as Angel described them. “The first line is 5 syllables, the second 7 syllables, and the third, 5 again,” Angel informed the class. Students took turns reading aloud sample Haiku poems that Angel brought along to share and discussed as a group the “beats” in each poem; the different visuals created through each poem and what they thought the overall idea was of the different Haiku.

Students were then given their assignment for the remainder of class: chose TWO of the photographs taken of important people in your life and write a Haiku based on the people/places/spaces in your image. I was able to circle the room and speak with some students about their photographs and help them count out the beats of their poems. Zafka, Angel and Tina  assisted all students as they worked through ideas to form their Haiku. It was wonderful to hear them listening to and learning from one another as they determined the best way to express what their photograph meant to them.

I also was given a “sneak peek” at accordion books each student is creating as part of their overall project, dealing with family and the most important people in their lives. Sneaking a few photos myself, you can get a glimpse at the final books that will be on view during the exhibition this May in the slide show below!

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