Arts Academy student presentations at the Rosenbach

I arrived at the Rosenbach Museum and Library on Saturday to TEN, yes I said ten, students from the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush, all dressed in purple and gray and ready to present their poetry and photography to a group of Philadelphia art educators. The students did a phenomenal job presenting final works and discussing their process and the impact of the program on their class. Some of my favorite quotes of the day include:

“I feel like now I look at everything from a different perspective and see photographs everywhere. I walk around and think, oh I can take a photo of that, or of that and write a poem about it.”

” I feel like this project taught me lessons in school, but it more taught me lessons about life that I can take with me.”

In addition to our presentation the students all sat and listened to representatives from Young Playwrights present about their in-school programs. They even got a taste of what teacher seminars are like by  participating in a writing and reflection exercise (aka Saturday homework). However, I think ending the afternoon with a free tour of the Maurice Sendak collection made it all worth it! I am very proud of each and every one of them!