Printing Printing Printing

The last two weeks I have been traveling around the city, gathering our students’ photographs for formatting and printing. Needless to say the craziness is just beginning as we prepare final works for the exhibition and publication!

Over the next few weeks as we are busy printing, our blog will showcase writing samples and photographs taken by participating students from different classrooms as a sneak peek at what you will see during the exhibition. Some of these images you will see were chosen by students to be part of the exhibition while others were simply one of many taken during the course of the project.

This week will feature images by students at Dimner Beeber Middle School, Grover Washington Jr. Middle School and William Cramp Elementary.

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Cameras, printers and paper OH MY!

On January 10 I was so excited to start delivering the cameras, printers and paper and ink sets to each of the LTP classrooms!

Of course there was a impending snow storm and I ran into numerous buses out for early dismissals, but this was an important day that I could not put off any longer. Students and teachers had been anxiously awaiting the delivery since November; it was like Christmas in January! I had spent the previous Sunday packing up boxes and boxes of new Kodak digital cameras, Canon compact digital printers, photographic paper and ink sets. Tuesday afternoon I loaded up my car, bundled myself up and headed out for delivery.

The  supplies given to each classroom are now the property of that school to be used for years to come as LTP continues to grow to include new classes, teachers and students.