2012 summer exhibition of LTP student work


Select photographs and writing by students participating in Learning Through Photography at Moore will be on view from July 23 – November 2, 2012 at City Hall and in twenty-one bus shelters along Market Street between 6th and City Hall in cooperation with Center City District (CCD). Details and an official announcement to come in the following weeks.

Now…if we could only decide on an exhibition title!


Update from the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush

This morning I received an email from Lorraine Ustaris, one of our participating teachers at the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush. Her email was full of links to her 9th grade students’ blog sites that they are currently developing for their Learning Through Photography at Moore project this year.

Lorraine’s students have completed Phase I of a 3-Phase series of writing and photography lessons focusing on Ekphrastic poetry — poetry that comments upon or is inspired by a work of art, such as a poem about a sculpture or a painting. Their work is both inspiring and beautiful so I wanted to share it with everyone as soon as I received Lorraine’s email!

Below are links to a few of the sites created by her students (just a sneak peek…we don’t want to give everything away before this summer’s city-wide exhibitions!) At the culmination of this academic year permanent links to all of her students’ blog sites will be available through our Learning Through Photography at Moore blog. Enjoy!







My visit to Ziegler Elementary School

This morning I had the opportunity to visit  William Ziegler Elementary School in the Northeast to see their LTP projects in progress.

Fifth grade students working with cooperative teachers Eileen Rudnick and Nicole Lionetti and Moore student teacher Maggie Stewart are creating Joseph Cornell-inspired shadow boxes filled with collaged images and writing, as well as found and formed objects with personal meaning. Today students began creating clay objects that they will paint during the next few weeks and then place on shelves in their shadow boxes.

Students were making everything from dinosaurs to flowers to airplanes, pots and pans and even creative forms based on their initials! I can’t wait until my next visit when they will be assembling their final works.

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Learning Through Photography at Moore on NBC10 Philadelphia

In case you missed it, a story about Learning Through Photography at Moore aired last night on NBC10 Philadelphia as part of their Education Nation series. Aditi Roy spent a few days at William Cramp Elementary School in Kensington talking with students, 5th grade teacher Jaime Rowlyk and Liz Gilly, Lead Coordinator of the LTP program at Moore about the project, now in its second year at the school.

Click on the image above for a link to the segment.

Apiary Magazine

This past October I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Lillian Dunn of Apiary Magazine during a workshop with the Philadelphia Writing Project at Penn.

Apiary Magazine is a FREE, curated literary magazine released twice a year  in print and online that includes  a wide variety of writing and visual art from across Philadelphia. It is suitable for ages 13 and up AND can include writing and visual arts by students 13 and up! With that said…

ATTENTION Learning Through Photography at Moore educators! Be sure to favorite this website and keep up with their submission deadlines. Apiary is a wonderful opportunity for your LTP students to showcase the work, both visual and written, that is happening in your classrooms!

Visit the APIARY Magazine submission page for more information. You will find a section for Youth Submissions with important details and guidelines. Good luck!


NAEA Articles on the Importance of Art Education

The National Art Education Association (NAEA) website offers a wealth of information about learning, community, news, advocacy and research in the field of art education.

Today I found a great link to articles discussing the importance of art education. They discuss not only the positive impact of art on school climate  and overall students achievement, but also remind us of the importance of art on its own merit as a creative outlet and source of visual literacy.

The articles can be found in NAEA’s website section Research & Knowledge under the title 10 Salient Studies on the Arts in Education.