The Galleries at Moore support Moore College of Art & Design’s educational mission and role as a cultural leader by providing a forum for exploring contemporary art and ideas, enriching the artistic and intellectual climate of the college, the Greater Philadelphia community, and beyond. This is accomplished through diverse innovative exhibitions and publications offering insights into the work of established and emerging regional, national, and international artists and designers as well as providing public events and programs for all ages that highlight Moore as a gathering place to meet, reflect, learn, change, challenge and create. All programs are free and open to the public.

At Moore College of Art & Design the potential of the LTP program has far exceeded our expectations to impact learning across curriculum. We have adapted our initiative’s title from literacy to learning, allowing for greater investigation into how this teaching tool can thrive in our schools and communities.

Moore’s Art Education program is one of the oldest in the nation and has been a pioneer in arts education. It is only fitting that Moore is introducing LTP to Philadelphia for the first time, joining other K-12 school districts nationally and internationally to implement this teaching tool in their city.

Moore also offers YOUTH PROGRAMS such as:


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