Barbara Kruger-inspired works from Russell Byers

Amy Jared, art teacher at Russell Byers Charter School (RBCS), stopped by today to deliver some of her student artwork for LTP. “They are a little low-tech,” Amy told me, but that what I love most about them! They are bold and immediate. The quick construction of the works fits the immediacy with which the students formulated their personal and powerful statements– “I am strong and caring,” “I can change the world,” “I can make a difference!” I have an urge to go rogue, plastering posters of them all over the city as reminders to other kids that who you are does matter and that you can make a difference in the world.

This was the first of four collaborative projects at RBCS using the LTP teaching tool in the classrooms of Amy Jared, technology coordinator John Landis and 4th grade teacher Allen Garner. Students were challenged to come up with a powerful statement about who they are. Using self-portrait photographs taken in class, the students cut and collaged their image with stamps and their powerful statement to create beautiful, Barbara Kruger-inspired works.

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