LTP on NBC air time change

The segment on Learning Through Photography at Moore at William Cramp Elementary will air on NBC 10 on Monday February 20th.


NBC 10 at William Cramp yesterday

Yesterday I visited William Cramp Elementary to  continue filming the first documentary on Learning Through Photography at Moore. We have been working with See/Saw Productions to put together a short film that chronicles the past year of the program, highlighting the experiences of students, teachers and administrators  at the school.

So the day was already full of excitement and to top it off, Aditi Roy of NBC 10 stopped by to follow up on her “Teacher Says” segment from this past summer that featured the classroom of 5th grade teacher Jaime Rowlyk!

Select students were interviewed and filmed while taking photographs in the neighborhood as part of an assignment: who they dream to become. Jaime’s class first talked as a group, sharing ideas and helping one another with  how or where to take their photographs. Then we all headed out (thankfully the rain had stopped!) and the students paired off to take images on a few street corners, in front of the local church, and at a small grocery store down the street.

The segment is set to air on Monday, Jan 30 on NBC 10.

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LTP Documentary filming begins today!

We are at William Cramp Elementary today with See/Saw Productions filming our first documentary on Learning Through Photography at Moore! The documentary will capture how the program functions in an everyday classroom, and how it has impacted students, teachers, and school administrators at their school.

William Cramp Elementary was one of the original five pilot schools for LTP in 2010 and has worked to make the program an integral part of multiple 5th and 6th grade classrooms.

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