LTP @ The Celebration of Writing and Literacy

I had the pleasure of sitting on the plenary panel for the Philadelphia Writing Project’s 10th Annual Celebration of Writing and Literacy event this past Saturday along with Varissa McMickens of ArtsRising, Dennis Creedon and Vera DaVinci from the School District of Philadelphia, Blake Bradford of The Barnes Foundation, Steve Wills from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, among many other arts professionals in Philadelphia who contribute to our thriving arts and cultural community.

We spoke with educators from schools in the Philadelphia region about  resources and programs that we provide to schools; what ideal partnerships look like between arts organizations and schools; what they consider to be the biggest  “roadblocks” to bringing arts programs to their students; and how writing, literacy and the arts look in the 21st century with new technologies and ways of learning available.

It was a wonderful afternoon and we are so appreciative that the Philadelphia Writing Project gave us an opportunity to continue to spread the word about Learning Through Photography at Moore to more educators in the area.

-Liz Gilly / Outreach and Public Programs Coordinator