Tonight’s the night!

Gabrielle and I are so excited to celebrate with everyone at tonight’s reception for the installation of our 12 students banners down North 5th Street.!

Before we head off, we wanted to acknowledge the fabulous sponsors that N5SRP brought on board for the event. We will be tasting a little of the neighborhood’s best foods tonight including: La Calenita Bakery, Seo Ra Bol Korean Japanese Restaurant and more!


Banners are up!

I just received images from Phillip at North 5th Street of our LTP banners now OFFICIALLY installed along North 5th Street, just north and south of Olney Avenue. If you are in the area and get a chance to see them please snap a photo to share with us, or let us know your thoughts!

Word on the street is…banner installation began at 10am today!

We are anxiously awaiting pictures to share, and would like to again thank North 5th Street for all their work to make the FIRST community installation of work by students participating in LTP happen in the FIRST year of the program in Philadelphia!