Peter Crimmins of WHYY dropped by yesterday morning to talk with Liz Gilly about Literacy Through Photography and our exhibition, Seeing Through Young Eyes: Inside the Philadelphia Classroom & Community. He was also the official first visitor to the exhibition!

A synopsis is featured today on the Arts and Culture page of Newswork on WHYY and the full interview aired this morning. http://www.whyy.org/



Seeing Through Young Eyes: Inside the Philadelphia Classroom & Community is officially open to the public!

If you are out and about in Philly in the next few days stop by so you can see the amazing works by our students. Just remember….we are closed for the Memorial holiday weekend.

5 more days!

The gallery is looking really great! We are so excited to open in 5 DAYS and share the work that all our students have done over the past months. Check out some more installations pics!

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12 days and counting!

We’re counting down…only 12 DAYS until the inaugural exhibition of Literacy Through Photography at Moore opens to the public!

We are busy printing, cutting, framing and proofing all of the final works by students for the exhibition and publication. 180 frames….that’s A LOT of framing to do over the next week!

I have to admit, it has been difficult not to share some of the final works that will be on view during our exhibition. I have decided to share ONE example from each of our participating schools. It is not only exciting, but refreshing and interesting to see how each team of teachers approached working, for the first time, with the Literacy Through Photography teaching tools in their classrooms.

Katherine Pena, Nueva Esperanza Academy Charter High School

Kara, Dimner Beeber Middle School

Ashley Altiery, William Cramp Elementary School

Joshua Gonzalez, Grover Washington Jr. Middle School

Jordan Dunn, CCA Baldi Middle School