Poetry and Writing Samples

I have received some wonderful writing from all the participating schools, but today I am going to highlight work from students at Neuva Esperanza and CCA Baldi.

As before, some of the writing samples you will read here are final writings and poetry for the exhibition, while others were written along the way. I can’t tell you which is which or include photos (we don’t want to ruin the fun of unveiling everything in a few weeks!) but I couldn’t help but include them on our blog. They are all very well written and show how much these students have learned about poetry and visual thinking.

Poetry from Esperanza:

My life is like skateboarding

It goes by fast

It grinds and flips

Makes twists and turns

And there are accidents

By Alan Bojorques-Garabaldi


Colors and shapes

Difficulties come to my mind

Circles and lines intertwining

Inner thoughts

The way life is

Time goes by like your nails growing


Abstract confusion becomes a daily habit

By Karina Rodriguez

Writing from CCA Baldi:

If sad was a color, it would be dark black

If sad was a taste, it would be wet bread

If sad was a smell, it would be lemons

If sad was a feeling, it would be hurtful

If sad was a sound, it would be babies crying

By Dibin Ipe

If anxious was a color, it would be red and green

If anxious was a taste, it would be sour but then sweet

If anxious was a smell, it would be adventurous

If anxious was a feeling, it would be excitement

If anxious was a sound, it would be laughter and enjoyment

By Pedro Palmer


Printing Printing Printing

The last two weeks I have been traveling around the city, gathering our students’ photographs for formatting and printing. Needless to say the craziness is just beginning as we prepare final works for the exhibition and publication!

Over the next few weeks as we are busy printing, our blog will showcase writing samples and photographs taken by participating students from different classrooms as a sneak peek at what you will see during the exhibition. Some of these images you will see were chosen by students to be part of the exhibition while others were simply one of many taken during the course of the project.

This week will feature images by students at Dimner Beeber Middle School, Grover Washington Jr. Middle School and William Cramp Elementary.

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We started printing!

Final photographs by students at William Cramp Elementary are being cut as we speak! Students in the school’s 5th and 6th grade classes will be incorporating writing ON the images using white or black markers. This technique was used by Wendy Ewald on past projects including Black Self/White Self and her Alphabet Project series.

Students have been practicing all week in preparation for their final images, which will be delivered later today!

Haiku Lesson @ Esperanza

I finally was able to visit Zafka’s class at Esperanza yesterday and was thrilled to see the photographs and writing her students have been working on! Angel Hogan was also in the class, this time working with students on learning about Haiku.

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that uses THREE lines with alternating syllables or “beats” as Angel described them. “The first line is 5 syllables, the second 7 syllables, and the third, 5 again,” Angel informed the class. Students took turns reading aloud sample Haiku poems that Angel brought along to share and discussed as a group the “beats” in each poem; the different visuals created through each poem and what they thought the overall idea was of the different Haiku.

Students were then given their assignment for the remainder of class: chose TWO of the photographs taken of important people in your life and write a Haiku based on the people/places/spaces in your image. I was able to circle the room and speak with some students about their photographs and help them count out the beats of their poems. Zafka, Angel and Tina  assisted all students as they worked through ideas to form their Haiku. It was wonderful to hear them listening to and learning from one another as they determined the best way to express what their photograph meant to them.

I also was given a “sneak peek” at accordion books each student is creating as part of their overall project, dealing with family and the most important people in their lives. Sneaking a few photos myself, you can get a glimpse at the final books that will be on view during the exhibition this May in the slide show below!

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Hot off the presses!

Announcement cards for Seeing Through Young Eyes: Inside the Philadelphia Classroom & Community, an exhibition of LTP student photographs and writing opening May 25, arrived just now!

Stacks will be shipped out Monday to participating organizations, galleries, and schools so make sure to check your mail!