March 22 @ CCA Baldi

This week at Baldi, Ms. Elder showed me some of the first printed photographs from her class. The photos were from a self-portrait assignment where students were allowed to take the cameras home.

Class began with a quick re-cap. Students had completed a poem using the letters in their first and last name and had a discussion about the colors and textures within their photo collections.

Ms. Collier, Moore’s art education student teacher at Baldi, passed out a sheet with the students new assignment: a portfolio poem entitled “If I were in charge of the world.” She explained that the poem will help them find words that describe themselves that they can reference when working on their next self-portrait photography assignment. She reminded them, “think about things you are passionate about and things you like to do and don’t like to do, or things you worry about.

After completing the poems students shared what they wrote and talked about why they chose the words they did and how it describes who they are and how they see themselves.

Arthur Greenwood writes about having ice cream as a vegetable and having no more curfews, boredom, or bedtimes.

Ashlee Cheacley writes that she would like facebook in school and no more bullies.

Sierra Desantis would like to cancel mushrooms and make chocolate a vegetable.

This poem is part of planning exercises that Ms. Collier has developed to really help students have a clear idea of what they would like to photograph. She will continue this type of exercise with the class for the rest of the week. The exercise will then lead into a project focusing on portraits and their facial expressions.


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