Wow! Grover Washington had a great class this week!

I am really excited to tell you about the class at Grover Washington on March 8, 2011.

This week students chose one of the photographs they took for their – project on our field trip last week. After printing out their photographs we began with a short exercise, looking at examples of photos with strong angles and interesting or different points of view. We discussed how a different angles can affect the information the viewer is given about a particular subject, and about the reasons why photographers chose particular points of view.

Next, students were asked to write from their chosen image, given the option of writing in the form of a diary entry, an invented story, or talk about why they took this photograph and how it relates to them. Once they finished students shared their photograph and writing with the class.

Hansley used very  descriptive  words and phrases such as: “destruction,” “emotionally and mentally devastating” and ended his story with an interesting question, all of which other students in the class responded to and immediately identified in his writing.

Justice wrote that she does not want anyone negative around her and that she is trying something different. She said that the two girls jumping in her photograph represent the idea of reaching goals. A few of the words and phrases other students in the class identified in writing were: joy, sky is the limit, and reaching your goal.

Above are two more examples of images that students choose for this assignment. It is wonderful to see students using different angles and points of view in their photographs.  As continue through this program they are really exploring the idea of how a photograph can tell a story and learning to connect writing with photography.


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