March 1, 2011 Our first LTP fieldtrip!

As planned, this week at Grover Washington Ms. Rodriguez’s class went on their first field trip. The class was split into three groups, each with an adult supervisor. The assignment was to begin photographing within a 5 block radius of the school. The students had previously worked on a writing a plan for how they would take a self-portrait and what would be included in their image. Students were encouraged to remember key words and phrases from their writing and to try to find ways to photograph their ideas.

I had the opportunity to work with a group of eight girls and we choose to walk toward Fisher Park. Once en route, we collectively decided that the park might be a bit too far away from the school but were able to find some interesting spots to shoot along the way. The girls had a lot of ideas that they had taken from a previous writing assignment but struggled to find exactly what they were looking for.

Our next destination was the playground across the street from the school. The girls began taking photos of each other and I encouraged them to give the person taking the picture instructions about where they wanted them to stand, what angle to shoot, etc.

In this photograph I took of Enysha, I asked her to practice giving people instructions on how to take the photograph she envisioned. She told me she would like me to include her shadow, asked me to tilt the camera certain way, to take the picture from a low angle.





I asked Jennifer if I could take a photograph of her as she worked and she choose to stand next to a tree. She said that to her trees symbolize peace, which was something she wanted to capture in her self-portrait.

Below are a few other images of the students working on the assignment. The girls worked really hard to try to capture the ideas they had previously written about and I was really impressed with how well they worked with each other. Each group choose to go to different locations and I’m excited to see the result of our first field trip.


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