March 1, 2011 at Baldi

This week’s class began with a writing assignment. Ms. Elder asked students to write a detailed description of what they will photograph for their self portrait. She also asked the following questions:

What do you need to set up for your photograph? How are you going to express yourself? She stressed the importance of details and asking “Why?”

“The elements of a self portrait are not always just your face,” reminds Ms. Elder.

Harmanjeet describes to me that in his photograph he will be sitting on his bed and  reading a fantasy book. He will have snacks next to him as well as a stuffed pet monkey that he got for christmas. He will also have his lamp on which might make shadows on his right side.

Michael Simankin will take his picture in front of the television. He tells me that he likes to play video games and that his dog, Max, will be next to him. Michael will also be wearing sweatpants in his self portrait because he is laidback.

“I want to be in an open place with natural scenery,” says Brielle Edelman. She tells me that she will have a calm smile in her self portrait and that she may also pose in front of a wall.

As the students continued to write, Ms. Elder asks them to be very honest in what they write about themselves and in their self portrait descriptions. She asked HOW they will explain their photographs as well as mentions “symbolism” and how that will be used in their photographs. I can’t wait for my next visit and hope to see some self portraits soon!



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