Talking about our descriptive paragraphs

Ms. Andino asked the students, “I would like some of you to share what you wrote, who would like to share their paragraphs?”

Nadir: “In my picture I can see my birthmark on my chin. I can also see my shirt and it is unbuttoned. In the background there is a locker and I can also see some white posters on the wall.”

Eli: “The first thing I notice is the President’s day sign in the background and the Villanova shirt I am wearing. I was standing up and I can see the bump on my head that is still purple.”

Dominique: “In this picture I was in Ms. Robinsons’ class in the year 2006. I was 9 and my bottom lip was chapped. My big sister that was 17 had braided my hair and she put a pretty blue flower in it. I had on baby blue turtle neck and I had just grown a tooth on the top of my mouth.”

Josh: “I see the Phillies players,the batting cages, the grass and people in the background. I see Jimmy Rollin’s signature on my shirt and I see two people looking at the glove I was holding.”


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