How can a picture tell a story?

Coming to you live from Grover Washington, Ms. Andino is discussing self-portraits and the various elements in the self-portraits that each student took and printed last week. “How can a picture tell a story?”

What are some things you see in your picture and in the background of your self-portrait? Nafis, Camia and a few others answered: kids in the background, books, February black history month signs, letters, lights.

What do we mean by reading a picture? Dominique answered: “you talk about what you see like your posture, body language, facial expression, what’s behind you or you’re doing.”

Now were going to take a few minutes and WRITE. I want you to describe  YOURSELF and all the elements that you see in the photo. What is your expression like? What are some things that you see in the background? You must write in full, descriptive paragraphs.


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