This morning in Ms. General and Ms. Andrews’ classroom at Grover Washington Jr. Middle School students had a class discussion about how to identify positive and negative aspects of the photographs that they take. After learning how to properly handle and use the digital cameras the previous week, the students chose a partner and photographed one another. They experimented with angles, zoom, background, pose and when to use or not use the flash.

Today, each student examined the photographs that their partner took and made a list of what they LIKED about the images and what or how they would IMPROVE the images. This critical thinking exercise required the students to carefully examine the photographs to identify and explain the positive and negative responses to how the photograph was taken.

Some students noticed that their faces were too bright or that a glare was on their clothes or face. They determined that the flash was not necessary because of the amount of natural light already in the room.

Others realized that you need to pay attend to details, such as making sure “your hair in fixed;” “your necklace is straight;” “your glasses are on or off.”

A few students mentioned that they should have paid attention to where they were standing in room and that having the right setting or background is very important.

Next week their final project begins! Students in this particular classroom are concentrating on DREAMS. Who they want to be, what they want to accomplish in their lives and how to capture their DREAMS in a photograph using symbolism. The students will be writing about every photograph they take and in the end, composing poems or raps to accompany their photographs.

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