Snow Day!

Winter isn’t quite over yet, so instead of visiting  C.C.A Baldi and Grover Washington Jr Middle Schools today with ArtsRising, the kids are off enjoying another snow day!

While I do not have photos to share today, I have heard some wonderful stories from our participating teachers about how things are going in their classrooms.

This Thursday I will be visiting Dimner Beeber Middle School in West Philadelphia where teachers John Pickersgill and Liz Van Allen have been working with their classes on an LTP project that merges the curriculum with “The Art of Growing Up” program at the Arts & Spirituality Center. Julia Katz-Terry is the educator, visual artist, and creator/director of “The Art of Growing Up” program who has been working in the classroom. The kids are incorporating mask-making with their writing and photography project to talk about issues and experiences that are at the same time personal and universal to kids as they “grow up.”

Dan Fitzsimmons, 6th grade teacher at William Cramp Elementary School, recently told me that, “the writing I have been getting from my students in the past few weeks has been nothing short of amazing.” I will be visiting their classroom to see for myself how the students are responding to the project and snap some photos to share, and Dan will be uploading writing samples from his students this week as well.

I will also be back at Grover Washington this Friday to see what Sandra Andino is working on next and stop by Celeste Rodriguez’s classroom to meet her students.

Snow day or not this week is all about LTP here at The Galleries; stay tuned for images, writing and video from my visits!


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